Rev. Joseph T. Kunnelaya

Pastor    541-420-4458

Rectory: Evenings 7p.m.-9p.m.

Parish Pastoral Council: Chairperson: Rick Nolte 541-954-2331

The Pastoral Council renders advice and assistance to the Pastor in the administration of the Parish. In addition, it oversees the activities of the various groups and ministries of St. Joseph, Prineville.

Finance Council: Chairperson : Stan Rodgers         541-447-3841

The function of the Finance Council is to render assistance to the Pastor in regard to the financial matters of the parish. Annually, it assists in the preparation of the Parish Budget and renders counsel at ensuring its healthy implementation.

Knights of Columbus: President: Gary Thompson   541-447-5001

The Knights of Columbus of St. Joseph is a fraternity of men whose main activities are: service in the church, especially to the Pastor/Adminstrator of the Parish and making charitable contributions to the community and diocese.

Hispanic Community: President: Apolonio Villagomez   541-420-8946

The Hispanic Ministry specifically caters for Spanish speaking faithful of St. Joseph, Prineville.

It helps in fostering the complete integration of the members of this group into parish life. Some of its activities include coordination of Bible Study, and cultural activities associated with the celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe , around the second week of December.

Adult Faith Formation: RCIA: Sue Godat      406-439-6582

The activities of the Adult Faith Formation Program involves, not limited to, preparation for Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), adults  preparing for confirmation and adults preparing for the reception into the Catholic faith.

Respect Life: Chairperson: Carol Smith   541-447-7004

Lectors: Barb Johnson  541-416-0483

Head of Eucharistic Ministers and Liturgical Committee:  Cathy Baxter      541-447-3425

This ministry oversees Liturgical celebrations, especially the celebrations of the Sacraments and Sacramentals.  Those who participate in this ministry do so in collaboration with the priest. This ministry includes the following: Altar Servers, Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist, Lectors, and Ushers.

Ushers: Mike Carroll  541-462-3043

Sacristans: Charles Pentkowski  916-296-9070

The sacristans sees to it that he /she prepares for Mass and other Liturgical ceremonies and return the sacred vessels and Liturgical books to the sacristy afterwards.

Choir: Maureen Fagan Bristow  541-350-5636

The purpose of this ministry is to provide appropriate music for all Liturgical celebrations. It is open to all parishioners who are willing to share generously the gift of their musical talents with the parish community.

Maintenance Manager: Charles Kurtz  541-280-3235

This ministry assists the Pastor/Administrator in the maintenance of the main Church Premises, Church Hall and Rectory. The maintenance of all equipment and appliances utilized in all Church properly is also overseen by this ministry.

St. Vincent de Paul: Jim Rodosevich   541-447-8131

Daughters of St. Joseph: 

The goal of this ministry is of women young and old who help with the social activities in the parish such as funerals, potlucks, picnics.

Chairperson: Kate Erickson     541-678-8495

Religious Education

The goal of this ministry is to ensure that those to be admitted to the sacraments are given the necessary preparations. This ministry also coordinates the various efforts at on-going faith instruction in the parish taking into consideration, special needs, opportunities and challenges.

This ministry is exercised in collaboration with the Pastor. Its main objective is to provide religious education for the child and youth of the parish

Director of Religious Education:  Barbara Dalton      541-416-1026

3rd and 4th Grades

Dolores Wettstein:  5th and 6th Grades    541-447-4578

Colleen Budde : 1st Grade


Betty Viescas: First Holy Communion Class     541-704-8916

Cheyenne Edgerly:  Confirmation Class     541-610-6464


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